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What are you going to do with that car sitting in the driveway? You used to take it everywhere. It was your best friend when it came time to go the store or library. You haven’t loved a vehicle this much since you got your first car in the 1960s, but now it is time to let it go.

The answer isn’t to send it to that lonely salvage yard or to sell it to some stranger. Instead, make your sacrifice mean something by donating your car to a worthy cause and get a tax receipt at the same time.

What do Charities do with Donated Cars?

It’s a fair question. You are giving a piece of your history to this service. It’s only natural you want to know what happens with it. Cars are sold to get funds that go to support organizations in need of help. The money buys new books for libraries or schools. It goes into a fund towards community development or education. You might end up financing a teen art project that keeps kids from joining gangs or buying sports equipment for the local community center.

That is the beauty of donating your car. You have control over who gets the money. Help support an organization that develops tools for kids on the spectrum in honor of your granddaughter or donate to the diabetic youth organization in memory of your sister. Celebrate your love for dogs by supporting a shelter for senior dogs. It’s up to you to decide how you want to utilize the funds.

What is in It for You?

That is a fair question too. You get more than just the satisfaction of helping someone or the knowledge that you are giving away something important to a good cause. You will also receive a tax receipt you may choose to utilize with your itemized deductions.

How to Donate?

The process is easy. You can donate your running vehicle to any nonprofit organization on the list of charities. Take your time and find one that really matters to you. If you don’t have a preference, select “Any charity.” Those managing the donation will give it to one truly in need of help.

Donate for Charity negotiates the highest sales price for the vehicle in order to get the charity you select the best return. You will get a receipt that shows how much your contribution is worth. This is what you use to calculate the deduction when tax time rolls around.

You have had some good years behind the wheel. This car was one of the best, but now it is time for it to help someone else.

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