Essential Information for Nonprofits - Maximize Your Vehicle Donations

Vehicle donation programs are simple and effective

Sustainable Revenue

Car Donation Programs are a Great Idea!

In any given year approximately 15-20% of your organization’s donors need to replace a used vehicle. If you don’t have a vehicle donation program, and one of your donors has a vehicle to donate, they will simply donate to a different nonprofit.

A riskless proposition

Why offer a vehicle donation program?

Our program involves absolutely zero financial risk. There is no sign-up fee, annual fee, or any other expense involved for your organization to participate.

Donate For Charity is the ideal partner, offering the best combination of service, support and value in the industry. Every single day we strive to be the most transparent and customer service driven program in our industry.

Help your donors help you

Donating a vehicle is now a commonplace fundraising opportunity: offering a program is the first step to retaining the donors who seek it out.


The Heavy Lifting

We handle all of the donor interaction and tax paperwork on behalf of our nonprofit partners.


Ideal Partner

The Donate For Charity program offers the best combination of service, support and value in the industry.


Ready to go?

If your ready to start accepting vehicle donations from your donor base, signing up is easy.

Shared Success

Donate For Charity combines professionalism, integrity and sound business practices to deliver excellent programs for its nonprofit partners and donors.

Here for you

Why Donate For Charity is an ideal partner

We are a registered and bonded commercial fundraiser as well as a registered and bonded car dealer. Our company has over twenty years combined experience in the nonprofit and automobile industries.



Being honest and giving the best support that a donor needs is our priority.



We disburse 70% of the net proceeds to our clients.



Success for your organization and your donors is our goal.

You have questions

We have answers

Please fill out the nonprofit sign up form to get started. We will email you our partnership agreement. Upon receiving the signed agreement, you will be registered with our organization and may begin accepting donations immediately.

Yes. Depending on the method(s) used to regularly communicate with your donors, we will supply you with necessary marketing materials. Our intent is to have your organization incur nearly no additional time or effort to run the vehicle donation program.

That’s up to you. The most cost-effective way to get the message out to your donors is through adding a button to your personalized donation page (we provide), as well as social media posts, and inclusion in eNewsletters.

You will receive 70% of the net proceeds depending on the sale price of the vehicle.

Absolutely. Donate For Charity has the capability to process vehicles across the country. Therefore, any of your donors’ extended family or friends, regardless of their location, may call Donate For Charity to have their vehicle donated to your organization.

As a rule, we will accept any running or non-running vehicle regardless of age. In rare instances we are not able to pick up a vehicle because of the vehicle’s remote location and its age. In this situation, the tow fee exceeds the value of the vehicle, and we cannot pick it up.

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