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Burlington County Animal Alliance is a private, independent, 501(3)(c) nonprofit animal advocacy group, that was founded in 1999. To date, we have around 60 members of BCAA. We focus primarily on rescue and adoption of shelter dogs and cats from Burlington County and surrounding areas. Our main focus is to make the public aware of the numbers of homeless dogs and cats there are in shelters and to promote adoption of these animals. We advocate spaying and neutering of all companion animals to counteract the overpopulation of dogs and cats and to end the tragedy of euthanizing healthy, unwanted companion pets.

We celebrated 20 years this past month of rescuing and fostering dogs and cats from shelters, owner surrenders and strays. Giving them complete medical care for any and all problems plus spay/neuter/chipping them. We also try to educate people to spay/neuter/chip. We are a 50lC3 non profit and foster the dogs and cats in our homes.

In 2004, BCAA was awarded a Proclamation from the Freeholders of Burlington County for the outstanding work we do to help the homeless animals of Burlington County, including keeping the Shelter Website up to date and also rescuing the animals that are in sick and/or in danger of being euthanized because of lack of space and money.

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