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CASA (Camano Animal Shelter Association) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and no-kill animal shelter devoted to the care of homeless pets. Our shelter is located on beautiful Camano Island and was founded in 1998. CASA is an independent organization that cares for cats and dogs as well as the occasional pocket pet. We accept stray dogs and cats from the public and owner-surrenders from Camano Island residents as space allows. Additionally, through a limited contract with Island County we provide temporary care, boarding and redemption services for impounded/seized dogs from Camano Island.

CASA recognizes that finding forever homes for homeless animals is a community effort. When possible, we assist other shelters by taking animals (primarily dogs) that have been at their shelter for a prolonged period of time, are facing euthanasia due to space, and/or could really benefit from a change of environment or different exposure. We also work with a variety of rescue groups in order to transfer animals to them when they need more specialized care prior to finding a forever home.

Our organization works hard each day to make a positive and lasting impact in our area and beyond. Our ability to help animals is thanks to donations and memberships like yours. Our organization would not exist today without the generous support of our community. THANK YOU! Thanks to the ongoing support from the community, CASA is able to care for over 400 lost, abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs, per year. We are proud to say that every single animal that is adopted from us will go home spayed or neutered and microchipped.

CASA’s mission is to find loving forever homes for all of our healthy adoptable animals. We strive to provide quality care and service to the animals and people of our community while encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership.

To fulfill our mission, we educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering including referrals to low-cost clinics in our area and encourage owners of reclaimed animals to microchip their pets by explaining why it is important. We help people keep their pets rather than being forced to surrender them by offering assistance and providing pet food and/or supplies from our designated food bank supplies. At our shelter, animals are not given a time limit. Although we try and find forever homes in a timely fashion, they are welcome to stay here as long as they need. CASA believes that each animal is important and is deserving of the extra effort.

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