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At Chase Brexton, we are passionate about people and passionate about addressing their health care needs. Chase Brexton provides a different health care experience. Here are a few ways how:

Founded in the gay community in 1978, Chase Brexton participates in Baltimore City’s annual Gay Pride Parade and Festival every year.

Everyone is welcome – we love diversity and strive to empower everyone.

Patients should be a part of their care – we believe in educating and empowering our patients to participate in and understand their treatment and care.

Questions, please! – you can ask questions and we will be happy to answer them!

Feedback is requested – we read it, listen to it, respond to it, act on it. For concerns or comments, please contact our Quality Improvement Manager at ext. 1352.

We are accredited by The Joint Commission .

We are a Federally Qualified Health Center .

We are an FTCA deemed facility.

We provide collaborative care. Our providers, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, therapists, psychiatrists, dentists, and case managers work together to address all your health care needs.

Patients make up 51% of our Board of Directors; we also have a Patient Advisory Council.

Since 2003, we have been using Electronic Health Records – this means your health information is well-documented, secure, and portable – minimizing miscommunications between health providers.

We provide culturally-relevant health care – we take the time to understand you…your daily life, your beliefs, and your needs in order to best treat you.

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