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Colony Cats is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary mission is to address cat overpopulation in central Ohio through public awareness and spay/neuter efforts. Since 2002, our organization has facilitated spay/neuter of nearly 19,000 cats and dogs, and placed more than 15,000 pets in homes.

We have a cage-free cat adoption center and a network of foster homes for friendly, adoptable cats and kittens (as well as dogs/puppies we encounter while assisting cats) that have been rescued. We are also in partnership with area pet supply stores that help us by showcasing our adoptable cats at offsite locations throughout central Ohio (click here to see a list of offsite locations).

Specialized help for feral, stray and abandoned cats is a core element of our programs. We assist compassionate caregivers who are feeding and watching over homeless cats by providing TNR (trap-neuter-return) and other support services including food, shelter, vaccines and additional vet care for injuries/illness, as well as educational resources.

Experts estimate that there are more than one million feral and stray cats in this area; animal shelters can’t accommodate such a vast number due to lack of space. Sadly, thousands of cats in the region are being euthanized each year. Through Colony Cats’ humane, non-lethal programs, homeless cats can have the decent, healthy quality of life they deserve and better co-exist with their feline and human neighbors.

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