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Enlighten Nepal, Inc. is a small group of individuals dedicated to improving the futures of Nepali youth.

What We Do
Our goal is to provide educational opportunities to the brightest under-privileged youth of Nepal.
The Nepali education system is designed to have students in school through primary and secondary school –  grade 10.  Upon completion of grade 10, students complete what is called the SLC Exam, or Student Learning Certificate. In Nepal, the SLC is the equivalent of the ACT or SAT for high school testing in the U.S.  In order for Nepali students to continue their education past grade 10, it is necessary to pass the SLC Exam. Most students, in fact, do not come close to passing this rigorous exam.

ENI provides the means necessary for students who has passed the SLC Exam to attend +1, +2, and subsequently college if the student chooses to continue their education.

In addition to higher education, Enlighten Nepal grants scholarships to students attending primary and secondary school. We believe that if a student has been given a proper education at a qualified school from a younger age, their educational foundation will be stronger.  Quality education instills confidence and choice. Our students will have the confidence to do what they wish to do and the choice to be who they wish to be.

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