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Our Mission For Feed My Sheep Ministries is…

To feed the hungry, to quench the thirst of the thirsty (whether spiritually or/and naturally), to provide a shelter for the homeless, to clothe the naked, to visit the sick and those incarcerated, to teach literacy and financial planning to adults and children, to provide transitional housing, job skills and professional training, and employment for former inmates, to provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs for substance abusers, assisting individuals with mental and physical disabilities, and victims of domestic violence.
What’s special about us?

Becoming part of the family of Feed My Sheep Ministries, Inc. we make sure that there is no man, woman, or child that is in need of our services, prayers, or/and help is left unattended. We have a high amount of those we serve and try to do as much as we can to supply their needs at the moment. We grantee to stick with those in need, even if we have helped them with all their problems. Those that lack self-esteem, interview techniques, resume training, employment issues, and finance management will have personal access to any resource that we have to help them out of the situation and to also build up their faith in God and themselves for the rest of their life. We treat our people more than just a hand in need of help, but a family that builds relationships with God and members with no limitations! We teach our people to become overcomers and victors!


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