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Glen Highland Farm is one of those momentous occurrences that dramatically changed two lives and many thousands more that touch this place thanks to the dogs whose spirits led us here and forever changed our path. Founders, John Andersen and Lillie Goodrich, opened their hearts to Border Collies and changed their own lives as well as so many, many others, human and canine.

Originally launched in NY in 2001, over 3,000 dogs found safe haven through this location, covering all ages from puppies through Seniors. Well respected and noted for outstanding results meeting challenging needs, GHF gained a strong following as a leader in rescue.

In 2019, the focus shifted solely to meet the needs of abandoned Seniors, often overlooked as unadoptable. Again, GHF broke new ground, as the ONLY rescue devoted to Senior Border Collies, providing long-term care for truly unadoptable dogs with nowhere to go as well as a chance for adoption for those healthy with so much life left to live! GHF can provide the time needed to heal abandonment as well as wait for that special person that could come for them. GHF also provides refuge for various age BCs with behavioral or medical challenges, making them unsuitable for a new home.

Answering the needs of Seniors is leading to a move in 2020 to a warmer climate in Virginia, more favorable to the dogs. Sunny days on 15 acres of flat land will aid the transformation from sadness to joy as the Border Collies renew their energy to play again!

Lillie Goodrich, has worked with over 3,000 dogs in rescue; hundreds and hundreds more in the vacation camp; as well as teaching seminars and in animal communication sessions. Her sense of “dog” has broadened and deepened to a remarkable level, heightening her innate and intuitive abilities to help so many dogs and people. And, now, she is sharing the wisdom of Border Collies in the final years of their lives, sharing their actual messages communicating directly with them. This breed redefines the word Senior and through talking with them, they will redefine how humans think of this phase of life for canines and for humans.

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