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We are a group of dog lovers, just like you, who want to see every dog enjoy his/her life to the fullest.

Our idea sprang from a chance encounter with a dog named Freckles. A while back, we found this little guy wandering around the Salt Lake area. He did not have any identification tags or microchip. We took him to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Knowing how overburdened they are, we worried that they might not be able to find him a good home. We set about contacting friends, putting up posters, and did all we could to find someone to adopt him. We even offered a reward to anyone who could find him a good, loving home.

Luckily, Freckles found one!

The whole episode got us thinking of how we could help the Hawaiian Humane Society. Thus, we founded the Hawaii Dog Foundation. We are a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation.

We’ve contacted Best Friends in Utah, (, and joined their Best Friends Network. We’ve already received lots of valuable input and support from them.

We are all focused on the common goal of bettering the lives of all Hawaii’s dogs.

Hawaii Dog Foundation Mission Statement

To assure that every dog in Hawaii regardless of age, breed, temperament or treatable medical condition has the opportunity to live out their natural life in safety, health and contentment. At Hawaii Dog Foundation euthanasia is NEVER an option with a healthy dog.

To educate the public in matters concerning the responsibility we, as humans, have in attaining the above assurances for the dogs in Hawaii and to assist in securing them.

To promote humane and responsible breeding practices throughout the State of Hawaii.

To implement and advocate Humane Spay/Neuter programs throughout the state of Hawaii.

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