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The Hospice of the Northwest Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 corporation as determined by the IRS and operates as the official gift receiving agency for Hospice of the Northwest.


Hospice of the Northwest Foundation funds compassion and dignity for every moment of life


  1. Our vision is that everyone who is coping with a life-limiting illness has access to compassionate and dignified Hospice care regardless of his or her diagnosis, race, religion, sexual orientation, age or ability to pay.
  2. Our vision is to transform the way dying is perceived and experienced so that everyone coping with a life-limiting illness seeks and receives compassionate and dignified Hospice care.
  3. We envision a future where no one ever dies alone or pain.

The Hospice of the Northwest Foundation raises money to support the mission and activities of Hospice of the Northwest. Financial support and donor funding is granted to Hospice of the Northwest for use in order to improve patient care and provide care for those who are not or are under insured.

Because of our donors, Hospice of the Northwest can provide its patients with a higher level of care as well as added services like complementary therapies, non-routine treatments, and patient assistance.

The HNWF accepts gifts of any size. Gifts may be made in a variety of ways including as a memorial or in honor of a loved one or friend, as an annual gift or pledge, as a gift of stock or property, and through an estate or will.

HNWF staff are available to help donors with their wishes. Please don’t hesitate to contact a HNWF staff member at 360-814-5702.

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Helpful but not required: to better help us identify the right channels to sell your donation, pictures are always welcome. For instance, 1 picture from each side of a vehicle with 1 looking into the interior from the drivers side.

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You should hear from us within an hour during normal business hours - Monday through Friday, to quickly run through the donation process.