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I have grown up and lived in Alaska most of my life. My dad was stationed at Fort Richardson when I was 10 years old (35 years ago!). It didn’t take long for my West Texas blood to acclimate to this beautiful state that I call my home and I’m so grateful this is where my children grew up.

Supporting nonprofits and helping others when I was able has always been important to me, specifically where children are concerned. I’ve never been directly involved in any capacity other than fundraising and donating so starting Katie’s Handprint was a terrifying yet (therapeutic) prospect.

I am a mother to three beautiful children. My oldest son Joshua is on the autism spectrum and one of the most pure hearted people I know. My middle son Jordan serves in the US Army and is currently stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia. That young man makes me laugh until I can’t breathe sometimes. My youngest…my Katie…she fought an aggressive bone cancer for three years before it took her life in January 2015.

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