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Love Without Reason was founded on December 11, 2007 as a nonprofit foundation. As a result of their personal experiences with their son, Philip Mathews, who was born with Goldenhar’s Syndrome, Susan and Santhosh Mathews envisioned an organization to help people born with craniofacial deformities around the world. LWR was born out of a dream that every child deserves a chance to life. This dream has expanded to include the cause of countless men, women and children who are lured into sex trafficking. We are passionate about the plight of these individuals, and desire to provide and build services that support and empower them to be their best as God created them to be.

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Love Without Reason (LWR) is dedicated to helping these children and adults and their families, and we are working with our US and international partners to bring life-changing, life-saving reconstructive surgical procedures to those of the developing world. Through aggressive, but culturally sensitive awareness training, we are reaching the children and teaching their neighbors to support rather than shun. LWR is also committed to serving those children, women and men currently suffering in forced/labor and/or human trafficking situations.

LWR understands that when natural disasters strike, children and youth are at high risk for being trafficked in the chaos that follows a disaster. We are committed to take measures to end human trafficking of these vulnerable potential victims, before it even starts.

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