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At Lowell Catholic, Tradition Meets Tomorrow. Our students, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends are united by the rich history of Catholic education in the Lowell area and the calling to prepare today’s young men and women for a bright, faith-filled future. Lowell Catholic provides a safe, caring environment where students from twenty-one local communities and eleven different nations create a community of learners who, following our mission, excel, prepare, and live.

Lowell Catholic provides a challenging curriculum that benefits students of diverse academic backgrounds. The high-achieving student can engage is a rigorous academic program with a wide variety of offerings including Advanced Placement, Virtual High School, and Dual-Enrollment with UMass Lowell. Students who need extra attention find the one-on-one support of our teachers and guidance counselors the ideal supplement to their classroom studies. With courses designed to meet students at their level and help them excel to the next, our students find success.

In and out of the classroom our students prepare for tomorrow. Whether it is through a service trip to Kentucky, a role in a production of the LC Players, giving a prospective student a tour of our campus or scoring the winning goal, our students build skills that will make them successful throughout life by participation in one of over forty sports, clubs, and activities. The lessons they learn in class and the lessons they learn through active participation in student life work to educate the whole person and provide a complete educational experience, the Lowell Catholic experience.

All of what we do is united by our faith in Christ and our shared desire to live out his message in our lives. Our students pray together, attend retreats, and serve the less fortunate of our community in an effort to live the good news of the Gospel. Sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers, our students have the opportunity to interact not only with their own classmates, but with students from across the country as well. Together they work to build community and reach out in justice and peace to those in need.

As we work toward a future filled with promise we encourage everyone to get involved and help keep our school a place where students of today and tomorrow can excel, prepare, and live. If you are considering becoming a part of the Lowell Catholic community, I hope you will visit us. We look forward to welcoming you on to our campus so that you might discover what makes us more than a school; discover what makes us a family.

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