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The Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is an inclusive, Kosher, luxurious mikvah open to all Jews. The MOED board and its committees of volunteers have been busy at work since mid-2012 to assure that MOED is a solvent and healthy organization that will succeed in building a brand new, suitable and beautiful physical structure.

This new mikvah will enhance the spirit of purity and holiness in our community and provide a tranquil experience to women and men of all ages. MOED will be a modern, beautiful facility where all Jewish men and women will feel welcome; where conversions to Judaism are accorded the honor and dignity they deserve; where women can explore the ritual of monthly immersion; and where Jews can find spiritual fulfillment. The Mikvah of East Denver makes mikvah accessible and meaningful for all Jews!

Scheduled to be rebuilt late in 2014, the Mikvah of East Denver will be equipped with: three well-appointed preparation rooms with showers for privacy and convenience; one additional larger preparation room furnished with a jacuzzi tub and vanity for bridal preparation and those with special needs; a separate men’s immersion pool with large appointed changing room; and an independent kailim mikvah for cleansing dishes and utensils. Trained mikvah attendants are available to assist all mikvah users.

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