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The primary purpose of Oasis for Animals is to rescue animals in need. Since we do not have a shelter facility, Oasis relies on a network of volunteer foster homes to provide care for these rescued animals. Every animal is spayed or neutered, may be tested for contagious illness, vaccinated and treated for any medical condition before it is adopted into a permanent, loving home.

Oasis for Animals is able to receive animals from rescue groups, overburdened shelters, or area veterinarians. When possible, we receive animals surrendered from people and also feral kittens that we tame and adopt out. Our primary focus is on rescuing animals about to be euthanized at shelters. Any stray animals must be taken to your local animal shelter. This will enable the animal to possibly be reunited with its owner. By networking with other shelters and rescue groups, Oasis is able to successfully assist individuals in placing and adopting animals. If you would like information on re-homing your pet, please refer to the PAWS web site for valuable information.

Oasis helps feral (wild) and free-roaming cats by humanely trapping them. They can then be safely transported to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, tested for contagious or life-threatening illnesses and vaccinated. After recuperating in a sheltered environment, these cats can be re-released into their same, familiar environment as long as they have a source of food and the human population is willing to accept them. In some cases, Oasis may be able to help place these cats on farms to live out their lives as barn cats.

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