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Our Mission is to address the impact of sexual violence by providing quality and multicultural services to those whose lives have been impacted by sexual violence and to provide education geared toward ending violence.

Our Vision is:
• That each survivor has access to culturally appropriate services.
• That communities are actively engaged in prevention.
• That systems be well coordinated and survivor-centered.
• That survivors lead all aspects of the community response to sexual violence.
As a freestanding rape crisis center, the efforts of the entire agency are focused on the issues related to sexual violence. Our sole commitment to these issues results in a deep and widespread impact throughout Central Massachusetts.

Our spiral logo symbolizes the healing journey for survivors. 
The spiral’s center represents the initial aftermath of sexual violence. The intersecting rays on the spiral symbolize the impact that sexual violence has on all aspects of our lives and our healing journey. As we travel this path and build resilience, strength, knowledge and awareness, the intersecting rays of impact diminish.

Mission-Focused and Community-Driven: 
Pathways for Change, Inc. (Pathways) is a SDO Certified, tax-exempt charitable 501(c) (3) agency, established in 1973, and Incorporated in 1982. The mission of Pathways is to address the impact of sexual assault and abuse by providing quality and multicultural services to all persons whose lives have been affected by sexual violence and education geared toward the prevention of violence. Our vision is to provide leadership within the Central Massachusetts region that results in a coordinated and Survivor-centered response to sexual assault and abuse within all communities.

Pathways is proudly one of the first rape crisis centers to be established in Massachusetts. Founded on the philosophy of empowerment and based on the leadership of survivors, Pathways has served as a leader within the movement to end sexual violence. Since opening our doors in 1973, Pathways has been committed to the provision of comprehensive services to the communities within our service area, which now includes 47 cities and towns in the Greater Worcester and Fitchburg/Leominster areas.

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