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Paws Along The River Humane Society is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization registered in Pennsylvania in 1931. A volunteer Board of Directors develops the mission and policy, ensures legal responsibilities are in place, oversees finances of its resources, reviews and approves plans and budgets, is an ambassador to the community, supports the executive director, recruits new board members, and evaluates operational performance. We are not a part of any government agency. However, we do receive a small percentage of funding from our City, Townships, and Boroughs within Warren County. Our main source of income comes from our adoptions, donations*, fundraisers, and our thrift shop sales. Also, grants, bequests, and legacies allow PAWS to provide animal services to our community. We specialize in matching pets to situations and people. This matching process helps ensure permanent and successful adoptions. We take the time with you and your family to assist in selecting a new family member. We get to know our pets and can give you valuable information in helping you to make a decision. All pets are spayed and neutered before adoptions are complete. We require a waiting period before taking a pet home. This time helps potential adopters decide what they truly want in a new family member. Our “Pet Visit” is a trial time that gives potential adopters a chance to view the pet in their home setting before adoption. We take care of any medical or behavioral concerns that may arise during the pet visit.

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Helpful but not required: to better help us identify the right channels to sell your donation, pictures are always welcome. For instance, 1 picture from each side of a vehicle with 1 looking into the interior from the drivers side.

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You should hear from us within an hour during normal business hours - Monday through Friday, to quickly run through the donation process.