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PDX Diaper Bank works to provide families with disposable and alternative diapering options. We strongly feel that providing a cloth diaper option to families is important in order to provide additional health, financial, and environmental benefits.

Over 150,000 Oregon Children Live in Poverty.

No family should have to choose between purchasing food or diapers for their children. Our mission is to provide free diapers and diapering supplies to low-income families through community agency partnerships.

Help make a difference in the lives of children and families in our community by supporting PDX Diaper Bank!

In collaboration with our partner agencies, PDX Diaper Bank provides diapers and diapering supplies to low-income families with young children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities living in Portland and the surrounding areas.

The average cost to diaper a child is $1200 annually, which is a financial hardship for 1/3 of American families. There are no government programs to support parents with the high cost of diapers – these supplies are not covered by WIC or SNAP. PDX distributes both cloth and disposable diapers to the community in order to bridge this service gap.

Raising Awareness About Sustainable Diapering Solutions
In addition to supplying diapers to organizations, we are dedicated to providing community education about cloth diapering. We offer a 45-minute Cloth Diapering on a Budget workshop free of charge for other nonprofit/government organizations to benefit their clients.

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