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Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest, Inc. has been rescuing Golden Retrievers since 1985. It all started with one homeless Golden Retriever whose time was up at a shelter. Hank and Jane Nygaard took her in and after getting her spayed and all of her vaccinations they found this lucky Golden a new home. After the first Golden there always seemed to be another that needed to find a home. That is how RAGOM was started. In the past, the group has existed largely due to the selflessness, generosity, energy and boundless love for Golden Retrievers of Jane Nygaard, Chick Myers, Agnes Rambeck, Ardis Brown and others.

An unending stream of phone calls, middle of the night “come get this dog now, or else” messages, terribly abused or neglected dogs … none of these have deterred them. Of course there are also the wonderful “happy ending” placement stories, and that is what keeps any rescue group going.

With an ever-growing group of volunteers, RAGOM has re-homed more than 6,000 Golden Retrievers since 1985. We are now in a new era of RAGOM, with a dedicated effort to organize the group, expand our area and utilize all the resources of the Internet, and we hope to be able to help more dogs now than ever before!

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