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Revelation Gardens was founded to offer cats and dogs sanctuary in a home-like environment. Nestled in a small community in west Tennessee, Revelation Gardens is surrounded by rolling green hills, dense forests, a large pond, and an array of wildlife. Our rescue-pet residents enjoy a life of leisure surrounded by nature and all the comforts of home.

Our primary focus is healing pet grief

Research shows surrendered, abandoned, and abused pets frequently struggle with grief and behavioral problems. Through a home environment, consistent routine, and lots of love, we help our rescue-pets learn to trust, heal, and thrive.

Our approach is to provide a home-like environment. During the day residents listen to soothing music, watch nature videos, explore  the outdoors, engage in individual and group playtime, and enjoy healthy, nutritious food!

By providing a consistent home environment our rescue-pets transform from being fearful and hidden to playing with toys, exploring, and bonding with their rescue brothers and sisters.

Reducing the need for rescues
As a society we can continue to care for homeless, abused, and surrendered pets, but if we don’t look at the underlying causes, the number of animals will continue to grow. For this reason our secondary purpose is to provide community outreach and support.

We do this through a three-pronged approach:

  • By offering sanctuary to surrendered pets we reduce the number entering the overburdened pet shelter system and provide owners who are nearing death or entering long-term care assurance their pet will be cared for.
  • Through community education and a community based participatory approach we reach pet owners on a peer-to-peer level and offer resource alignment for bridging the gap between best practices and what is doable for families and individuals.
  • Utilizing online toolkits as a resource for pet owners who may be dealing with stress and emotion overload, we aim to reduce the cause of abandonment and abuse. Our toolkits utilize evidence-based methods such as mindfulness, art, journal-writing, music, and movement and weave them together with neuroscience, health education, and spirituality creating personalized toolkits.

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