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Vision and Mission
Saint Paul Ballet’s vision is to rejoice in the beauty and immediacy of dance with the widest possible audience and to lift the human spirit through the art of ballet. Its mission is to provide the finest dance education, reduce barriers to involvement in the art of dance, and perform a vibrant repertory with a passion for the highest level of excellence.

Engagement and Outreach: everyone is a dancer Saint Paul Ballet values serve an additional 300 students and their families in our community through music and movement programs for young dancers ages 4-6, beginning ballet for ages 7-11 and ballet on a drop-in basis for teens and adults who enjoy exercise in its most elegant form. SPB also serves the broader population of St. Paul and Minneapolis through: • Saint Paul Public Schools Community Education • Free public performances at the Landmark Center monthly, • Tickets to performances provided to school children and their families in partnership with Project Success which provides transportation and childcare removing the biggest obstacles to families attending dance performances.

Saint Paul Ballet is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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