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Tennessee Kidney Foundation

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Tennessee Kidney Foundation

Our Mission: To empower and support those at risk or affected by kidney disease.

Our Vision: So that all, in Middle Tennessee, that need care, receive care.

Our vision will be realized when:

  • Tennesseans in all communities make healthy choices leading to the lowest incidence of preventable kidney disease in the country.
  • Tennesseans affected by kidney disease have the best outcomes.
  • Tennessee has the highest rate of organ transplant in the country.

In December 1969, a small group of physicians, businessmen, patients and their family members held the first meeting of the Nashville chapter of the Tennessee Kidney Foundation (TKF). Over the years, TKF has continued to raise awareness of kidney disease and their programs, while receiving honorary achievements. One thing that remained the same was TKF’s consistent focus of kidney disease and to provide opportunities to save the lives of its victims.

About Your Kidneys
The kidneys are two of the most important organs in your body. They perform many vital functions, which includes primarily

  • filtering the blood, keeping some compounds and removing others,
  • removing waste and excess fluid, and regulating blood pressure, blood cells
  • and the amount of certain nutrients in the body.

The kidneys are located in the small of your back (the lower back) just a couple of inches above your waist, and to either side of your spinal column (vertebrae). Each is about the size of your fist. (This can be said to be an accurate statement about the size of kidneys because each person’s kidneys are proportionate to the rest of their body size and frame. Thus, each person’s kidneys are about the size of THEIR fist.)

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