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Founded in 1977, Violence Free Colorado is our state’s domestic violence coalition. We work with hundreds of organizations and individuals in local communities across the state to prevent and end relationship violence, and support those affected by relationship abuse. We build the capacity of a diverse network of domestic violence and other community-based programs across Colorado to help them effectively assist survivors of relationship violence and their families. Our goal is to improve individual and community health and well-being through statewide visionary advocacy and social change efforts, supporting our members, and informing the public.

Our Values:

  1. We respect the inherent strengths and self-determination of survivors
  2. We lead in partnership with survivors, heeding their experiences, and amplifying their voices
  3. We strive to end relationship abuse by taking bold, courageous actions
  4. We pursue social justice, knowing that equity is essential to ending relationship abuse
  5. We advance equality by challenging power-based perceptions, assumptions, and behaviors
  6. We mobilize grassroots activism to create systems and attitudes that are free of oppression
  7. We uphold advocacy and social change as essential to advancing our movement
  8. We act honestly and fairly, even in the face of adversity

In honor of our 40th year, we are transitioning from Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to Violence Free Colorado, a name that reflects the future we are dedicated to building.

As Colorado’s state domestic violence coalition, we are committed to ending relationship abuse by learning from and leading in partnership with survivors and other anti-oppression movements. Preventing violence means changing our society and its institutions—targeting beliefs, behaviors, environments, structures, and policies that perpetuate violence, oppression, and inequality.

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