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Wellspring Family Services is a nonprofit, multi-service agency serving low-income and vulnerable individuals, children and families in Seattle and King County.  For more than 125 years, Wellspring has been a source of opportunity for children and families to win their resilience, triumph over trauma, and reach their full potential.

We achieve our mission through the effective provision of social and mental health services that help strengthen families, addressing a broad range of issues that can negatively affect their lives.

Wellspring Community Services are concentrated in four areas: mental health, family homelessness, early learning, and basic needs.  Each year, Wellspring Community Services helps thousands of children and families break the debilitating cycles of instability, homelessness, and adversity to achieve positive, permanent change in their lives.

Wellspring Family Services has been helping individuals and families experiencing crisis since 1892, just three decades after the City of Seattle was officially formed.

Although we have changed our name and adapted our programs throughout our 120+ years, there are elements of our mission that have and will forever remain constant:

  • We foster innovative ways to meet emerging needs in the community.
  • We support individuals and families experiencing crisis take the next step forward by tapping into their own resilience and strength.
  • We focus on the root causes of problems to give families the permanent solutions they need to build healthy relationships and stable lives.
  • We build effective community partnerships to better address acute and chronic social issues.

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