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Mission Statement:

Westlake Chinese Culture Association (WCCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Westlake, Ohio. WCCA’s mission is to promote intercultural exchanges, provide Chinese cultural information and services, and deliver quality Chinese language education to our communities.

WCCA welcomes anyone who are interested in learning the Chinese language, or about Chinese arts, culture and traditions.

Organization Overview and History:

Westlake Chinese School, officially known as Westlake Chinese Culture Association, also known as Westlake Chinese Cultural Association, has more than 20 years history of promoting Chinese arts and culture in Greater Cleveland since found in 1987 as a home school.

Currently our school consists of three teaching groups with a total of 100+ students from about 80 families: One group is for the students with native speaking background. The other two groups are for the students without speaking background (Adopted Chinese children or individuals from other ethnic groups who are interested in Chinese culture and arts).

We offer Chinese language and culture classes on Saturday morning from 9-11 AM during the school year at Lee Burnson Middle School. Classes are offered for ages from preschool through adult including College Prep for high school students. Extracurricular activities relating to Chinese culture and recreation includes Chinese dance, Kungfu, Chinese painting, chess, table tennis, etc.

Our school has excellent teachers. Most of the Chinese teachers have master’s degree in education and teacher’s certificates from State of Ohio. More than half of the teachers have over 10 years of teaching experience. We are proud to have the Greater Cleveland Regional Excellent Chinese Teacher Award winner Qizhi Zhang as the Director of Education and devoted dance teacher Debbi Liou as the Director of Arts.

WCCA hosts special celebration event with live performance around traditional Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). We also actively participates in Asian culture events throughout the year all over the Greater Cleveland area.


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