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Guiding Principles, Mission and Vision

Guiding Principles:

1. Our church family wants to be like Christ, loving our neighbors unconditionally;

2. In worship we are open to and trusting of God’s Spirit;

3. We grow in our understanding of the truths of Scripture and knowing that Christ is our greatest joy;

4. We value knowing and responding to our congregation, meeting our changing spiritual, physical, and emotional needs;

5. We value being responsive to our community and more attractive and relevant to those outside the congregation;

6. We are committed to including a diversity of people;

7. The promotion of social justice for all people is part of our congregation’s calling;

8. We value Creation and show concern for the ecology of the planet;

9. We are an ecumenical and connectional church, responsive and responsible to the governing bodies of the PC (USA);

10. We enhance Christian education and worship by fostering music and other arts;

11. We provide Christian education and fellowship for all ages; and

12. We actively nurture spiritual growth in all we do.

Mission: We welcome all people to worship the living God through Christ, while together we learn to love and care for one another, grow in faith, and promote social justice.

Vision: We will continue to foster a multi-generational and multi-cultural congregation by nurturing all people in their faith journeys. We will be a hospitable church that provides a hub for community activity.

We come together in community with God, sharing our diverse gifts in worship, service, and love.
We come together in community with God, sharing our diverse gifts in worship, service, and love.

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