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YWCA Silicon Valley employs 115 people and has an outstanding and passionate Board of Directors who are business and community leaders. Our experienced management team has helped us persevere through time.


The YWCA calls itself a movement, not an organization. The YW helps change the destiny of women, children and families, offering hope for self improvement and resources to make success a reality.


YWCA Silicon Valley is a local agency. 100% of the donations received stay here and are used for programs and services provided to individuals and families in our community. Last year the YW assisted 18,000 individuals in this Valley.


YWCA Silicon Valley, founded in 1905, has served this community for 105 years promoting a world free of inequality and hate. Every generation of leaders remakes the YWCA to meet the needs of the day, but always with an unwavering focus on empowering women and eliminating racism.


Serving the needs of our clients is our driving force. Every program or service the YW provides is in direct alignment with the needs of your community. We tenaciously solicit funds to ensure that local client’s needs are met with high quality and compassionate services. Past leaders and a century of service, have shown that with power, creativity and fierce determination, your YWCA will exceed the expectations of our time.

Our geographic service area includes all of Santa Clara County. Of the nearly 18,000 individuals reached by the YWCA of Silicon Valley’s programs each year, 79% are children or teens and 65% are of racial or ethnic minority reflecting our diverse population. To ensure that everyone can benefit from our programs, our services are offered on a sliding scale basis or with subsidies when available.For over 106 years of service, the mission of the YWCA of Silicon Valley has remained steadfast: to empower women, children, and their families, and to eliminate racism, hatred, and prejudice. We continue to provide a broad range of services that transform the lives of a diverse community. Our incredible strength lies with the many staff, volunteers, donors, community members and business leaders who share our vision and passion.

We constantly assess the needs of the community and develop programs to help individuals and families in transition help themselves. While we are proud to celebrate our accomplishments, there is still much to be done.

A key part of the YWCA’s vision is to enable people to move from dependency to self-sufficiency. We teach women, children, and families how to thrive and celebrate their unique strengths. And as we teach, so we learn. Join us as we help each other live, grow, and prosper.

The YWCA is the oldest and largest multicultural women’s organization in the world. As a local association of the national and world YWCA’s, the YWCA of Silicon Valley shares in the long history of advocacy for women and girls.

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