Don’t Panic! The Government Shutdown Won’t Hurt Your Tax Deduction!

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As the end of the year approaches, maybe you’re considering giving your old car to a favorite charity in order to both benefit the less fortunate and to take advantage of the tax benefits charitable donations provide. However, this year is different in that the IRS and other government agencies are taking an unscheduled vacation, courtesy of the current deadlock in Washington.

But don’t worry! This will have little to no impact on your ability to make both a charitable donation and to take advantage of the tax deductions it provides.

Charitable Donations and the IRS

When you donate a car, Donate for Charity will ensure you receive the paperwork and information that you will need to submit to the IRS. Donate For Charity has years of experience, and 100’s of partner charities, so guarantees all of this paperwork is completed for you in a timely manner after your donated car or other vehicle is sold at one of our network of auction houses.

What this means for you is that you don’t need to panic. This year, like every year before, the IRS will give you your tax break based on your charitable deduction. Donate For Charity will get you the paperwork you need, and you will submit that paperwork with your tax return, just like normal.

Will the IRS Accept the Paperwork?

Don’t worry! Although some parts of the IRS, such as the helplines and certain non-critical departments are closed for the duration of the government shutdown, the parts of the IRS that are involved with accepting and processing your paperwork are running just like always. This means that when you submit your tax return, electronically or physically, it will be handled in exactly the same way it was back in 2012.

Remember that the IRS must accept and process valid tax deductions, which will include your donation of your old car to your charity of choice via Donate For Charity. There is absolutely no reason to be worried. Just donate your car, file the paperwork you will be given, and then get ready to enjoy your tax deduction and feel good, knowing you have helped those in need.

Why Should I Use Donate For Charity?

Donate For Charity is an industry leader in assuring you go into the donation process knowledgeable about what your donation will mean to the nonprofit you choose, and for the tax deduction receipt you will be emailed. Choose DFC and you can be guaranteed the most transparent process in the industry.

Choosing A Charity You’d Like to Support

Through our website, you can choose your own charity or we can help you select from a list of legitimate partner charities. Not only does this help provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your contribution is going to a worthy cause, it lets you choose the cause. Whether you want to contribute to a local charity or find one that is working on a project or service you feel needs funding, Donate For Charity will make certain the money gets to where you want it to go.

Doing a good deed shouldn’t be difficult. By working with Donate For Charity, not only can you be assured that your tax deduction will go through without a hitch, – even when there’s daily hitches in Washington DC! – but you know where it went and how much funding the beneficiaries received from your car or other vehicle.

Because of that, don’t hesitate to work with Donate For Charity, and don’t worry about the IRS, because in this year, like every previous year of car donation deductions, you’ll receive your tax break.

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