This Thanksgiving… Donate Your Car!

donate your car - thanksgiving

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It’s The Seasons For Giving With Thanks!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time for giving in addition to giving thanks for the opportunities and blessings that we ourselves possess. The true spirit of these holidays resides in spreading joy and merriment others, especially when they are less fortunate. Many people donate money to charity during this time of year or volunteer their time in soup kitchens or at other charitable locations.

On top of these good deeds, there is another unique way to give something back this year.

Charities Like No Other

There are a huge number of charities in existence that accept car donations as a form of giving. Donate for Charity works with hundreds of charities that give back to their communities and constituents. Cars or trucks that families and individuals no longer use often sit on a lot somewhere or in a driveway merely collecting dust and contributing nothing to the advancement of society. It is also often the case that people continue paying for registration and insurance on vehicles that rarely receive any use. Eliminate these bills and do something good for someone less fortunate this season by donating cars like these to a charity through Donate for Charity. We ensure that recognized, legitimate non profits can use donated cars in order to benefit children, adults, animals and the sick & poor in need. For people that have little to look forward to in the future, especially around the holidays, the positive emotional impact of such a donation can be immense.

Be Thankful for Good Deeds

There are plenty of practical reasons to donate your car to charity as well. The hassle that comes in selling a car yourself or dealing with used car dealers for very little return can be completely avoided. Rather than causing yourself further headaches during the holidays, elevate your holiday cheer by knowing that you have done something good this holiday season. Additionally, donating your car to charity allows you to make an itemized tax deduction on your federal tax returns, actually putting some money back in your pocket. The donation process is simple and straightforward. Donate for Charity ensures that charities benefit, with a completely free pick up for your car donations. And we can help with all paperwork that must be done on your part concerning the car transfer, title, and other legal documents.

Benefits No Matter What

The car that you donate does not even have to run (although your charity will benefit more from a working, running vehicle). Charities accepting these types of donations will accept vehicles of any kind, including trailers, boats, RVs, SUVs, and motorcycles. A car in working condition is preferred,  although some vehicles are in conditions too bad for resale, so end up recycled in a completely green and environmentally-responsible fashion, making it a win, win situation for everyone concerned.

Make this year the one in which you create a real difference in the life of someone who lives in need.

Donate your car for a big Thanksgiving thank you!

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