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To assist owners and shelters place Boxers that have become homeless through no fault of their own. MO/Kan and affiliates will not take temperament-challenged dogs or ones with a bite history.

The philosophy of Midwest Boxer Rescues and its participating regional groups is that we are guardians of this great dog breed in general and guardians of our own rescue dogs in particular. Many of our members have been actively involved in the rescue and placement of Boxers for years; others have only recently joined our organization. We are brought together by a common bond, which is a love of Boxers. Our goal is to find permanent, loving homes for these dogs that have been uprooted and displaced through no fault of their own.

We believe that we are obligated to set strict placement standards and to seek a perfect fit for each dog. With that as our mission, we know that these dogs stand a much better chance of living out their lives in loving, secure homes. Unlike shelters and humane societies that deal in volume, our goal is the best fit, lifestyle and environment for each individual Boxer, based on the assessment of daily interactions by its foster family.

We don’t consider ourselves radicals, but we are committed to finding each Boxer the best and last home it will ever have to know. We are also committed to working and partnering with families that share our beliefs and want to offer that type of home to one of the MWBR Boxers. If we did not have such high placement standards or thorough screening practices, then we would risk placing these dogs in jeopardy once again. They have come to us — or been sent to us — expecting something better, and they deserve that.

MBR believes that Boxer rescue is not just about finding forever homes for our dogs. Rescue is also about promoting education and responsible pet ownership in general. If there were more of that, many of these dogs would not have ended up in our programs. By educating people about proper pet care and specifically about traits of the Boxer breed itself, we ultimately hope to make a difference in controlling pet overpopulation in this country even if that is just one dog or one person at a time.

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