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Saint Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates started with two rescue friends discussing St. Clair County (IL) Animal Control. It evolved into many discussions about what could be done to create change.  Via the advice of some fellow advocates, it turned into a long project of gathering data and seeking solutions that were no or low-cost.  Solutions that would require some work, but yield dividends not only for the animals, but for the community.

It is our ultimate goal to work WITH SCCAC in a cooperative and progressive partnership. Exploring together, opportunities for improvement.  To strengthen the lifesaving effort and compassionate care through innovative initiatives at the county shelter.

Our goals at Saint Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates :

We want to make a significant contribution to reduced killing in shelters through treatment of treatable animals, training, adoption, foster, and rescue.

We want to make a significant contribution toward decreasing the number of pets entering shelters through spay and neuter, reclaim, retention & re-homing.

We see a need to help shelters manage “at risk” shelter dogs and cats.
We promote workable tenets of No-Kill sheltering as listed in the No-Kill Equation and defined as saving over 90% of shelter animals.

We see a top-notch Community Adoption Program as one key element (including off-site adoptions, community involvement, spay/neuter, behavioral modification, medical support, pet retention guidance, pet re-homing support, value for money) to saving lives.

Saint Clair County Animal Welfare Advocates is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization striving to elevate St. Clair County to a No-Kill community through innovative programs

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